Saturday, June 30, 2007


Our first dog Gabe is in doggie ICU right now. He's had some nasty stomach "issues" over the past two days, but things turned bad yesterday afternoon. He was bleeding internally - and not producing any platelets. Bad combo. He had a transfusion overnight and is responding positively. He'll be there for several more days while they try to bring his platelets back up and determine where he's bleeding from. Dan and I are going to go visit him this afternoon. Please send some good dog juju his way. He needs it.

Update: Heidi and I just got back from visiting Gabe. He's doing much better but not quite out of the woods yet. We we're able to take him outside for a walk and it was a nice (and rare) sunny day here so it was nice to hang outside. Gabe sure was psyched to be out of his crate. Thanks for all the good juju !! It's working I think - keep it up.

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