Thursday, January 28, 2010

sure doesn't feel like January outside...

It was another beautiful day here in the PNW yesterday. We took a quick trip over to Vashon Island in the afternoon to enjoy the sun while we had some. Even the ferry ride produced some fantastic views. Mt Rainier was out in her full glory. We drove as far as Pt. Robinson Lighthouse, at the southwest end of Maury Island. It was nice enough to enjoy a picnic outside. In January ! I'll say it again and again and again, I love living in this part of the country.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

organic produce on our doorstep ...

In my efforts to eat healthier in 2010, I signed us up for bi-monthly organic produce home delivery from a local farm, Full Circle Farm. Our first delivery arrived overnight and was on our doorstep when I woke this morning. This particular delivery included:

Red fingerling potatoes, red onions, granny smith apples, bunched carrots, comice pears, cucumbers, navel oranges, red peppers, roma tomatoes, cremini mushrooms, salad mix and red leaf lettuce.

Each order will include 12-15 items. You are able to make substitutions to the order prior to its delivery. I was very happy not only with the choices given to personalize your order, but also with the quality of the produce we received. The price (including delivery) is very reasonable too - and probably lower overall cost compared to the grocery store. It seems like a great alternative for now, until the produce stands open locally or summer gardening commences.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

too good not to mention again...

We went to Spring Hill last night for their special Monday supper menu. We started off with the Caesar salad for two. It was delicious. The dressing was perfect and the croutons were out of this world.

Dan ordered the white spaghetti. The portion was enormous. I took the photo after half of it was gone. The pasta was homemade and the combination of anchovies and lemon was spot on.

I ordered the fish special - which happened to be trout, one of my favorites. I ate it all before I even thought to take a shot. But it was beautiful, both in presentation and in taste. The potatoes were the smoothest consistency I've ever experienced - like no mashed potatoes I've ever had. The fish was perfectly cooked. Sheer heaven.

Dan also ordered a meatball on the side of his spaghetti. Again, it was so good the thought of a photo never crossed our minds. I had to ask for one to take home. I ate it for breakfast today. TO DIE FOR. I want one right now as I type about it. Yum.

Dan got brown butter ice cream for dessert and I got cranberry sorbet. A fantastic end to a phenomenal supper.

Chef-owner Mark Fuller is the bomb dot com. Dan calls him a "culinary Jerry Garcia" = a true master of his art. All I know is that I feel completely happy and satisfied every time I leave this restaurant. Then I talk about it for days.

Oh - and their front-of-the-house manager is a pretty cool dude.

Friday, January 22, 2010

a late introduction of our "new" kitty ...

This is Holling. He began showing up on our patio over a year ago and lived in a rug-lined box under our gas grill. We brought him inside a few times - during the 4th of July and the really cold winter days last year - and kept him in our laundry room. He knew how to use the litter box, so it seemed he had lived somewhere indoors before finding us. But he wasn't fixed, had god-knows-what diseases and Luke freaked out every time he meowed. So back outside he always went. Late last summer, he began to limp on his right front paw a lot, became lethargic and seemed to have a fever. That's it - to the vet he went. Turns out he had a nasty infection deep in his paw. Since he was there, we decided to have him neutered. And have a feline HIV test. And be wormed. And get shots. Several hundred dollars later, we were able to take him home. "You're not going back outside !", I told him. He's adapted to our household unit very well. He's also gained about 15 pounds. What a happy kitty he is now.

Oh - and he's named after Holling Vincoeur from "Northern Exposure" and he's a Maine Coon.

Friday, January 15, 2010

what the gaga ?

Polaroid recently announced a multi-year partnership with Lady Gaga, who will serve as creative director for a specialty line of imaging products set to hit retail shelves starting in late 2010.

My first reaction when I heard the announcement was a resounding "WHAT ?!?!" Actually, it contained a few expletives, but I'll leave them out for now. I could think of MANY other spokespersons who I would deem more appropriate, - or at least wouldn't have made me shout when I heard their name. I'm just disappointed by their choice. Maybe I'm showing my age. I'm sure there are many people who are very happy with the choice.

I still love you, Polaroid. Even if you had a momentary lapse of reason ....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

pantless in Seattle ...

Emerald City Improv organized the first ever No Pants! Light Rail Ride last Sunday. Hundreds of participants shed their pants on the platform and rode the line to SEATAC Airport all afternoon wearing boxer briefs, swimming trunks and Speedo-style underwear. Organizers instructed people to keep a straight face and act as if nothing were going on.

If only I had known .....

Friday, January 8, 2010

slots are just not our thing ... and that's ok

Every year, we save our pocket/car/couch change and cash it in at the 1st of the new year. During 2009, we managed to save just over $153.00. We try to use the resulting money for something fun - in order to make it fun to save. In past years, we've spent it on swanky dinners, new music and movies, stuff like that. This time we went to the Skagit Valley Casino for a night. It's located about 75 miles north of Seattle. We got a really good deal on a room and were even left with some money to play with. We've only played slots a couple times and we pretty much suck at it, but that's where we chose to play our $20 each. I cashed out as soon as I doubled my $20 - Dan lost his $20 within minutes. We decided to spend the rest of the time in the pool. Good choice.

The majority of my winnings came here - must be an Irish thing.

It was a really nice pool - VERY warm water, just how I like it. That's Dan in the hot tub.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

9th time's the charm...

Although it took nine attempts to get there, former Chicago Cub Andre Dawson was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame today. During his career, he was also an eight-time All-Star, won the 1977 NL ROY and 1987 NL MVP and hit 438 home runs. Dawson, 55, was the only player elected this year, receiving 420 votes out of 539 ballots cast (77.9 percent). Way to go Andre !