Friday, January 8, 2010

slots are just not our thing ... and that's ok

Every year, we save our pocket/car/couch change and cash it in at the 1st of the new year. During 2009, we managed to save just over $153.00. We try to use the resulting money for something fun - in order to make it fun to save. In past years, we've spent it on swanky dinners, new music and movies, stuff like that. This time we went to the Skagit Valley Casino for a night. It's located about 75 miles north of Seattle. We got a really good deal on a room and were even left with some money to play with. We've only played slots a couple times and we pretty much suck at it, but that's where we chose to play our $20 each. I cashed out as soon as I doubled my $20 - Dan lost his $20 within minutes. We decided to spend the rest of the time in the pool. Good choice.

The majority of my winnings came here - must be an Irish thing.

It was a really nice pool - VERY warm water, just how I like it. That's Dan in the hot tub.

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