Tuesday, January 26, 2010

too good not to mention again...

We went to Spring Hill last night for their special Monday supper menu. We started off with the Caesar salad for two. It was delicious. The dressing was perfect and the croutons were out of this world.

Dan ordered the white spaghetti. The portion was enormous. I took the photo after half of it was gone. The pasta was homemade and the combination of anchovies and lemon was spot on.

I ordered the fish special - which happened to be trout, one of my favorites. I ate it all before I even thought to take a shot. But it was beautiful, both in presentation and in taste. The potatoes were the smoothest consistency I've ever experienced - like no mashed potatoes I've ever had. The fish was perfectly cooked. Sheer heaven.

Dan also ordered a meatball on the side of his spaghetti. Again, it was so good the thought of a photo never crossed our minds. I had to ask for one to take home. I ate it for breakfast today. TO DIE FOR. I want one right now as I type about it. Yum.

Dan got brown butter ice cream for dessert and I got cranberry sorbet. A fantastic end to a phenomenal supper.

Chef-owner Mark Fuller is the bomb dot com. Dan calls him a "culinary Jerry Garcia" = a true master of his art. All I know is that I feel completely happy and satisfied every time I leave this restaurant. Then I talk about it for days.

Oh - and their front-of-the-house manager is a pretty cool dude.

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