Wednesday, January 27, 2010

organic produce on our doorstep ...

In my efforts to eat healthier in 2010, I signed us up for bi-monthly organic produce home delivery from a local farm, Full Circle Farm. Our first delivery arrived overnight and was on our doorstep when I woke this morning. This particular delivery included:

Red fingerling potatoes, red onions, granny smith apples, bunched carrots, comice pears, cucumbers, navel oranges, red peppers, roma tomatoes, cremini mushrooms, salad mix and red leaf lettuce.

Each order will include 12-15 items. You are able to make substitutions to the order prior to its delivery. I was very happy not only with the choices given to personalize your order, but also with the quality of the produce we received. The price (including delivery) is very reasonable too - and probably lower overall cost compared to the grocery store. It seems like a great alternative for now, until the produce stands open locally or summer gardening commences.

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