Monday, January 7, 2008


Eddie Vedder will unveil his first solo music video for “Guaranteed,” taken from his Into the Wild soundtrack, on VH1 tonight. The song has already been nominated for a Grammy and a Golden Globe, and is a frontrunner for an Oscar nod.

Here it is, thanks to YouTube:

from Feature film writer/director Marc Rocco conceived, directed and produced the video for "Guaranteed" in just a few days - and shot the project entirely on 35 mm film in three hours - as a way for the typically video-shy Vedder to pay tribute to Sean Penn's film and Chris McCandless's journey. The video uses a series of floating, illuminated images from Into the Wild to capture Vedder's intimate and poetic performance, weaving striking silhouettes of Vedder with translit still frames from the film in a powerful and simple way.

"To me, Eddie is the most compelling musical artist of our generation," explains Rocco. "His songwriting pounds you on a visceral level and his storytelling always stands apart in the same way a great film does - each time you hear his words, they engender a different experience in your heart, soul and mind. It has been a privilege and honor to collaborate with Eddie in a medium that he so rarely visits. I hope that I've portrayed visually the song 'Guaranteed' in a way that leaves the viewer as emotionally moved as I was the first time I heard Eddie's music for Into the Wild."

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