Tuesday, July 21, 2009

FEST - I - VAL !!

Dan and I attended our 2nd Northwest String Summit this past weekend. It was the 8th year for the festival which takes place about 30 miles west of Portland at a place called Horning's Hideout. We met up with friends from Bend and shared the comforts of their Winnebago. Thank god because it was in the 90s most of the weekend and we had little shade in the RV area. But it was a fantabulous time and we didn't want to leave. The feeling of community at these types of events is something I long for in everyday life - people truly watching out for each other, I guess.

This year's lineup included many bands I had never heard of. Two Swedish folk/bluegrass bands were in attendance. Vasen had the crowd on their feet shouting "Polska !" The Abalone Dots were a trio of women who sang beautifully. My favorite was a band called Taarka. Their sound was gypsyesque. Dan and I were up late the first night and heard them practicing at their campsite - not knowing they were a participating band. Their sound was entrancing. And of course the remaining bands who are always a part of this event were spectacular. Yonder Mountain String Band really rocked the house this year. Danny Barnes is always a welcomed addition, in my book.

We met some new friends too - friends of our friends from Oregon. Their kids were so much fun to be around and we really enjoyed their company.

This is Kaleo as he pretends to run a street food cart. "We have some new items on the menu today, guys !" he yelled from the camper door. It was too cute.

We look forward the the 9th annual event next year. Thanks Bob Horning !

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paul said...

looks like fun...if you enjoyed taarka checkout: http://www.myspace.com/thamusemeant