Friday, February 5, 2010

I hate moles ...

They're killing my backyard. They come back every year and work their way around the grass, leaving huge mounds in the path. In previous years, we have put smoke bombs down the mounds and tunnels, which seemed to temporarily drive them away. I was searching online today to look for alternative ways to remove the little buggers. Something I found amusing was this paragraph from a Mole informational sheet found on the WA Dept of Fish and Wildlife's webpage:

Though moles are the bane of many lawn owners, they make a significant and positive contribution to the health of the landscape. Their extensive tunneling and mound building mixes soil nutrients and improves soil aeration and drainage.

...or this, from the "Practicing Tolerance" section:

Before trying to control moles, be sure that they are truly a problem. If the individual mole is not really a problem, consider it an asset.

Whatever. They are NO asset and I'll find other ways to aerate my grass. I want them gone.

Man, they sure are ugly.

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carolyn said...

You should enter Sweeney's annual "I hate moles because..." contest! The contest will launch again on April 1. Check out for details. Here's a short, fun video that talks about this annual contest!