Wednesday, September 29, 2010

it's National Coffee Day

I sing praises every day to Kaldi the Ethiopian goat herder, whose accidental discovery of coffee centuries ago makes our pre-dawn hours much more pleasant. Legend has it that sometime late in the first millennium, the Abyssinian goat herder noticed a discerned up-tempo to the frolic in his herd as they grazed on the berries of a certain bush. Not wanting his herd to get away from him, adventurous Kaldi sampled the ruby red berries and soon discovered that he too had added a certain hop to his step. Kaldi soon shared his experience with some monks in his community. They experimented by roasting some of the red berries and realized that they were able to be more alert during their all night prayer sessions after sipping a cup of these brewed red berries. From Ethiopia, the coffee beans made their way north to Yemen and eventually became a staple drink in Arabia. Over time, the love for coffee spread throughout Europe and was eventually exported to various colonies around the world. 

A study was recently conducted by Career Builder to determine which professions had the heaviest coffee drinkers.  It included more than 3,600 workers nationwide. Their findings:

1) Nurses
2) Physicians
3) Hotel workers
4) Designers/Architects
5) Financial/Insurance sales representatives
6) Food preparers
7) Engineers
8) Teachers
9) Marketing/Public Relations professionals
10) Scientists
12) Government workers

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