Thursday, October 21, 2010

seriously ? ! ?

When I see stupid Hollywood news like this, I become ill.  Really ??  A birthday cake that cost over $1 million ??  Here's the nauseating story:

per     Recession? Not On Kim’s Watch!: Kim Kardashian is reportedly celebrating her 30th birthday with a diamond encrusted cake, estimated to be worth over $1 million dollars! According to Radar Online, the reality star will celebrate her big day at Glo Nightclub in Westbury, New York, on Saturday. The cake, conceived by restaurateur Nino Selimaj, is aiming to break the $1.65 million dollar cake record. No word if the nightclub will have a paramedic on hand in the event that Kim swallows a couple hundred thousand in bling.

When I think of what that money COULD have been spent on ..... I saw a documentary recently about homeless kids in Orange County, CA.  They attend a public school that caters to their specific needs - regardless of where they spend their nights. Like most states, California's state education funding was cut and one of only two teachers for the whole school was laid off.  The cost of her yearly salary ??  $45,000.  That ridiculous cake could have paid for over 22 years of that educator's salary.  The list of possibilities are truly endless ...

Don't choke on any of those diamonds, Kim.


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