Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hooray for Susan Guy !

I've been a bit remiss and haven't posted anything here in a week.  Sometimes there just isn't anything happening that seems to be post-worthy.   But I heard a story on the news last night (and this morning) that made me smile, about a Memphis Domino's Pizza delivery driver who saved the life of a customer.  A woman who ordered a pizza a day for the past three years hadn't placed an order in a few days. The woman's normal delivery driver told her boss to "clock her out if necessary" and went to check on her regular.  Sure enough, the women was in need of help.  

So way to go, Susan Guy.  Your perseverance paid off.  What do I take away from this ?  We should all be a bit more aware of what is happening around us and act on our instincts.  We may just save a life someday.  

I do wonder, however, how someone could eat a Domino's pizza every day for three years straight.  Every day.  Whew.


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