Sunday, May 15, 2011

yard sale BOMB

Yesterday was the annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day.  Instead of my normal participation as a buyer, I decided to be a seller this year.  What better way to liquidate things ??  I'd been gathering stuff for a couple weeks and came up with what I considered to be a pretty good selection of yard sale goods.  

I'm not sure if we were too far on the geographical fringe of the sale - or if our street is too busy - or if it just wasn't my day for a yard sale.  But I actually lost money.  I made $11 (thanks to my neighbors) from selling 10 vhs movies, a food saver machine and a tea pot - but it cost me $12 to participate as an official seller. Sigh.  At least it was finally a nice sunny day to sit outside.  For six hours.  

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Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. Lost $4 on a yard sale I hosted. 'twas a beautiful day, plenty of drive bys and people walking around but most seemed to be dealers (The "Any gold or silver? Mismatched earrings?" questions gave them away). Surprisingly, no parents with children. Alas, I was not selling precious metals just toys, bikes, furniture, etc. in good condition but did not even recoop the advertising costs (signage, etc.) Next time I'll probably craigslist a few items and donate the rest.