Monday, August 1, 2011

the jig

Dan and I went to the Scottish Highland Games yesterday, near the base of Mt. Rainier.  What should have been a spectacular view from the (former) King County Fairgrounds, was clouded over and gave us no reason to believe the 14,000+ ft wonder even existed.  Some commented it truly felt like Scotland.  The rainy mist swayed no one.  Just my photo taking.

We spent a bit of time inside one of the pavilions, watching the Scottish dancing competition.  The particular dance we watched was the Jig.   It differed much from Irish dancing.  "What's with all the fist pumping ?", we both asked each other.  A handy smart phone and good coverage answered that before we left the building.   

The Scottish version of the Irish Jig is another caricature dance depicting an Irish washerwoman who is angry with her erring husband. The costume worn for this dance is either a red or emerald green skirt and bodice and a full white petticoat, with a white blouse, with a white apron. Red or green jig shoes are worn and there is much stamping and facial grimacing in this dance. In the male version, the dancer wears a red or green tailcoat with a waistcoat of the opposite colour, brown knee britches of corduroy, with a paddy hat and he carries a shillelagh, which is a club made from the forked branch of a tree.

Here's some video I shot.  I was trying out a new 8mm video app on my phone - sorry for the quality.  

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