Thursday, May 31, 2007

holy 100K

As we traveled to our favorite mandarin grill place for dinner last night, our Pathfinder flipped 100,000 miles. We been debating buying another car and trading this one in, but she's paid for and running great still. So a little maintenance attention and she'll be good for another 50K. Plus we're battling about what we would buy for another vehicle. Dan wants a subaru wagon and I don't. Not sure what I want, but not a subaru wagon. Not that there's anything wrong with them = I think they're great cars. Many friends of mine own them. Along with half the population of this city !!

I love my Pathfinder.


Ted said...

Don't let him talk you into it - Lisa and I owned two of those MONEY SUCKS - spent $500 every 6 months and many times more. On the last one we had we replaced ALL of the fuel injectors, the brakes, the catalytic convertor, the axel, 1 DV joint and boot, and then the clutch started to go..... hate those cars!

Kelly Dlubac said...
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