Thursday, September 13, 2007

great setlist...

General David Petraeus - Solo show
Capitol Hearing Room
Washington, DC

1: malfunctioning microphone, lies > bullshit> lies,Bush Fluffing > Maliki Scapegoating, Iraqi Police Don't Suck > Anbar Province Rules*, The Surge is Working*

2: Distorted Statistics* > Blaming Iran, Troop Withdrawal (teased)> Jam > Maintain Pre-Surge Troop Levels Through 2008, Ignore War Costs , more lies > more bullshit > more distorted statistics, ignore Iraqi Civilian Casualties.

E: Al Qaeda > Al Qaeda > Al Qaeda

* with Iraqi Ambassador Ryan Crocker on backup vocals [Protestors screamed "war criminal" and "GeneralBetray-us" during setbreak]

Thanks to my friend Leigh for sharing this !

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