Monday, September 17, 2007

Luke's new Red Sox jersey...

Luke pays the ultimate price for Dan and I having no children to dress up. What a good dog.

Just to clarify - that is an actual dog garment. It's made with dog proportions in mind, so it seems to be quite comfortable for him. He loves wearing it.


Kelly Dlubac said...

Look who I found!
To funny ... did a search to see if my blog popped up if I search by dlubac ... and look who I stumbled on!!
Hope all is well with you guys!
Your favorite cousin on the East Coast
hehe ... love, Kelly

p.s. Go Yankees! =)

like a library book said...

Hey Kelly !!! Now we can keep up with you too. We miss you - best to Jason too.

Go Yankees ??? Oh my goodness. Dan will have a few words with you at xmas ! :)