Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy 30th Pac-Man

Pac-Man was released in Japan by video game company Namco 30 years ago tomorrow. Geez - nothing like that news to make you feel old. Originally called Puck Man, Pac-Man was launched in the U.S. in October 1980, selling more than 100,000 units the first year of production. Now the game is listed by Guinness World Records as the world's most successful coin-operated game.

Quoting Kenji Hisatsune, president, chief executive and chief operating officer of Namco Networks America, "Pac-Man is a gateway game. It's simple, with well-established rules and boundaries. The game play is short and quick, but highly addictive and fun. Gamers and non-gamers alike recognize Pac-Man and can pick the game up very easily." At age 11, it was my first. I remember seeing it in a bar at a restaurant for the first time and wondering "what is THAT ???" What a great time to be a kid !

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