Friday, May 14, 2010

It's Copper River time !


An Alaska Airlines cargo plane from Cordova, Alaska, is scheduled to arrive at 6:45 a.m. Friday at Sea-Tac Airport with 25,000 pounds of fresh sockeye and kings. The season opened Thursday on the Copper River.

Copper River salmon, considered one of the finest salmon available, shows a deep-orange and lends a truly remarkable, rich and nutty salmon flavor. Its high oil content makes this fish so rich and flavorful. The concentration of Omega-rich oil comes from the salmon readying for their 320-mile journey up the Copper River to spawn. This salmon has some of the highest oil content and flavor of any salmon second only to the famous Yukon River salmon, whose run begins in mid June. The Copper River Fishery is primarily a Sockeye run, with Kings comprising a much smaller percentage. Copper River salmon is caught in central Alaska in the Prince William Sound area, near Cordova. Gillnet fishermen gently handle and grade Copper River salmon, assuring quality of these cherished fish. The fish are caught in the “flats” of the Copper River Delta before they head upstream to spawn.

Bring it on !!!

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Anonymous said...

you say copper, I say yukon. 320 vs 1840. either choice = good eats!