Tuesday, July 27, 2010


This was the first year we tried growing potatoes. We have two types - Yukon Golds and Irish Reds. We grew them in "potato bags" we bought at our local hardware store. We were quite happy with how they turned out. We harvested the Yukon Golds today. From 5 starters, we grew 33 potatoes.

Here they are as babies, shortly after we started them.

This is the Irish Red plant - not quite ready yet (the plants almost die just before harvesting).

They look delicious ! I hope they taste as good. I'm going to grill some for dinner tonight.

We are definitely going to use the bags again next year, but with more starters. The tomatoes also seem the love the bags. Our two best plants are growing in them this season. Harvesting of those is right around the corner !

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