Tuesday, August 24, 2010

awesome additions !

I received a couple packages from my mom yesterday and, pardon the pun, they really were a true motherload ! Amongst other goodies, she sent me two new additions for my ever-expanding Polaroid camera collection.

One is a Polaroid Model 80 (Highlander). (from rkphoto.com) Made from 1954-57 and the first Land camera to be smaller sized than the other current models. The camera body is steel with brown painted crackle finish and self-erecting bellows design. It has a rigid viewfinder on top of the camera and the exposure is set by Light Value scale ("Polaroid numbers"). The shutter is a 2-speed everset rotary-leaf design (1/25 and 1/100 plus Bulb) coupled with a 100mm ~ f/8.8, 3-element glass lens. The flash is M-sync via Polaroid "hot shoe". This camera series is also known as the "Highlander". Look for some Model 80 (not all) to have real chrome-plated trim.

The other is a Polaroid Model 95A. (also from rkphoto.com) Made between 1954-1957 and was basicly the same as the Model 95. However, a wire frame finder replaced the sighting post used on the earlier Model 95. A couple more changes were made as well. An X-sync was added for a flash while the shutter speeds were increased to 1/12 - 1/100 second. Features a 130mm ~ f/8 lens and folding optical finder.

They are in great condition and I love them both. Thanks Mom !!


MPG said...

holy *^@&#%* awesome :-D time to find film!!

like a library book said...

they're the coolest. LET'S GET TOGETHER SOON !