Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baby Girl has a new home

Baby Girl lived on our porch for the past several months - on a padded chair, under an umbrella.  She had a pretty good cat life there, staying dry and warm while getting fed several times a day.  Along with two other neighborhood cats who show up daily to the Dlubac Soup Kitchen.  When Arctic Blast 2010 hit the Monday before Thanksgiving, I knew she wouldn't survive outside with temps in the upper teens.  So we brought her inside and put her in the laundry room.  To our surprise, she settled in very quickly and used her litter box immediately.  After staying in the room for the week, we felt bad kicking her back out.  She is a sweet kitty and seemed very happy to be inside.  We took her to the vet - tests, shots and a check-up later - she checked out in good health.  And was already fixed.  Even better.  

My cousin and her partner lost their cat of 16 years a few weeks ago and had been thinking about getting another to be a companion for their other cat.  What perfect timing for Baby Girl.  I took her over to their place on Monday and all seems to be going well.  We await a new name as she settles in.  

This is our cat, Brenda.  Her latest obsession is our TV.  She mostly watches the news, particularly the weather and traffic reports.  But this commercial this morning seemed to really peek her interest. 

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