Friday, December 24, 2010

cocoa and dog cookies . . .

I made cocoa mix this year to give away for holiday gifts.  (thank you, Lisa and  It's a combination of cocoa powder, instant coffee creamer, powdered sugar and instant milk.  Speaking of which, has anyone purchased a box of powdered milk lately ??  I haven't and had no idea it would be $8.00   And the only choice was lowfat.  Blech.  But enough on that sidetrack.....  I had all intentions of making my own marshmallows as well, but time got away from me.  I wanted to dip them in chocolate and some candy cane sprinkles.  I used big store-bought marshmallows instead.  They worked just fine. 

I make ("dip" may actually be a better term) these dog cookies every year.  My guys expect them now. So do their friends.  

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